martes, 14 de agosto de 2007

New Camp for Addicts to Internet

The News:
Thirteen percent of the 20 million Chinese people younger than 18 that use Internet are classified like addicts… China set in motion an experimental summer camp to help 40 youths to suppress their addiction to Internet… The program of 10 days will accept youths between 14 and 22 years old that previously answered to a questionnaire and to a psychological evaluation, indicated the newspaper China Daily… In the camp, the youths will receive treatment against depression, fear, low disposition to deal with others, panic and anguish… Because worries about murders and crimes of youths related to Internet, the Government is taking measures to diminish the number of addicts to the web prohibiting new cyber places and establishing restrictions for violent videogames … (

It is curious how even the positive things, like the existence and usefulness of the Internet, can be transformed in the hands of men in something negative. I don’t have to mention the thousand advantages of the Internet (this Blog wouldn’t exist without Internet and my friends at the office would be the only ones reading me), but now we must consider also that Internet could be as harmful, or more, than TV.

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The same Internet that serves to spread the Gospel can be used to create porn sites and communities of addicted web users. The same television that serves to carry news and events in real time to homes can be used to send messages (subliminal or direct) of consumption, dissatisfaction with one’s life and also as an alienation vehicle. The cell phone that serves for mobile communication can be used for blackmail and extortion. The cars that nowadays can reach astounding velocities and that serve to reduce the time of trips can also be the cause of premature death of a whole family upon incurring in an accident for lack of caution.

Where is the problem? It doesn’t seem to be in the technology by itself, but in the wrong use that some of us apply to it. It is not evil to desire a car that can transport us comfortably, but we fall in wickedness upon aspiring to a car that destroys the economy of the family and upon conducting it violating the speed limits. It is not evil to be connected to Internet and to check the electronic mail every morning, but we fall in wickedness upon get distracted with contents that take our minds to lust, envy, or gossip. It is not bad to communicate with another person through the computer, but it is the inability (or unwillingness) to go out and relate face to face with others.

What the Bible says:
Direct my steps by Your word, and let no iniquity have dominion over me. (Psalms 119:133)

Science, technology, medicine, etc.., are all part of human progress that man achieves thanks to the capacities that God gave him. It is something that we should never forget. Everything, after all, originates in God and will go back to Him. Let’s honor Him in everything.

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